Our Harvest Union Co-op Begins – Yummy CSA opportunity

Big news! The incubator farm of our first union co-op, Our Harvest, began operating this week. Planting has begun on the Bahr and Dienger Garden farms.
And here is a delicious way you can support the union-co-op effort. By purchasing a share or half share of our organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture produced on Dienger Gardens on the Double J farm). Yum!
What is Our Harvest?
*A union worker owner cooperative. Find out more at cincinnatiunioncoop.org
*An exciting opportunity to rebuild the local food system. This expanded CSA will allow us to do a couple of things: 1) serve more local families with fresh local food and 2) help build the “incubator farm” for the Our Harvest cooperative.
What’s an incubator farm?  We are incubating farmers!  With the help of the OSU extension program and Our Harvest, we’ve develop a rigorous farmer apprenticeship program.  This year we’ll have two apprentices and a seasoned farmer as the mentor.  As we expand the incubator farm and have more farmers we will begin to fill the gap in the local food system.  Our incubator farm and other area farmers will eventually feed into a local Food Hub where we will process, package and distribute great local food throughout our community.  Another piece of good news, this is also a job creation for good paying union jobs.  All the workers, from farmers to truck drivers, will be paid a livable wage with benefits, creating economic stability for local families and communities.
How can you get involved in this exciting endeavor? Buy a share in our CSA.
Important Dates
Now – start reserving a spot and pay your CSA deposit
April 22nd – Payment for May pick-up
May 7th –  start of CSA pickups (full payment expected by first pickup)
October 26 – last day of CSA pickups
How it works
The summer CSA will last from May through October, a total of 25 weeks, with weekly pickups for full shares and biweekly pickups for 1/2 shares. Shares will include a variety of produce valued at $25-30 market price with a discounted CSA price. Last summer, shares received a discount on average of $7.50 per week. A variety of produce will be included in each share and will be assorted according to the seasonality of the crops and proficiency of their growth. Some crops thrive better than others due to growing conditions, and we’ll do our best to not overwhelm any share with too much of any one item.
Pickups: The pickup system will be as follows:
     Double J Farm/Dienger Gardens
     Loveland (3377 St. George’s Way)
     Clifton: Rohs Street Café, 245 W. McMillan (entrance off of Rohs street however)
    College Hill Farmer Market (parking lot of College Hill Presbyterian Church) from 3-6:30pm on Thursdays
Each will have a pickup day and time assigned. For example, these are the tentative days and times:
     Double J Farm – Mondays 5pm-6pm
     Loveland  – Tuesdays 5:30 pm-6:30pm;
     Northside/Clifton  – TBA
     College Hill -3-6:30pm
Fees: Full shares are $550. The 1/2 share costs $300, but you can find someone to go in on a full share with you, thus giving you a $50 discount.
Raincheck option: Some people miss some weeks because they were out-of-town, and they don’t want to make up that week’s distribution because they wouldn’t be able to eat 2 week’s worth of produce at once, so there will be a “raincheck” option. This means that you can make up your skipped distribution in the Winter CSA, which begins in November.
To sign up for the Summer CSA and reserve a spot, please fill out the CSA information below and email it back to cincyunioncoop@gmail.com.  Also, follow our paypal linkwww.cincinnatiunioncoop.org or  mail your $100 deposit as soon as possible to:
Our Harvest
c/o Ellen Vera
4211 Williamson Place
Cincinnati, OH 45223
Second CSA payment for full shares will be $200 (1/2 shares $100) on or before April 22, 2012.   Final payment is required on or before your first pickup day: Full shares $250, 1/2 shares $100.   If you truly cannot make full payment all at once, we may be able to work out a payment plan.  Please contact us to arrange this.
CSA Sign-up information
Phone number:
Share size (full or 1/2)
For  more information about Our Harvest (growing methods, what veggies to expect monthly, or the project in general), please contact us at cincyunioncoop@gmail.comThank you for your support of Our Harvest.