Apple Street Market

The Apple Street Market will be a full service grocery store located in the former Save-A-Lot building in Northside (4145 Apple St.).  Affordable fresh produce, assorted deli items, quality meats and dairy, and a variety of foods will be available. This new grocery will be a place where everyone feels welcome —owned by its workers and the community. Apple Street Market will eventually be one of a network of neighborhood groceries in low food access areas.

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Their Story

How Did it Start?

In the fall of 2013, the only grocery store in Northside Cincinnati (Save-A-Lot), closed its doors leaving the neighborhood in a food desert, upsetting our entire community, not just the impoverished folks who lack cars to drive to the next nearest grocery. Cincinnati itself has 10 fewer stores than the national average, an average already recognized for leaving 24.5 million US residents in food deserts. Translation, Northside, nor 4 of the 6 bordering neighborhoods have a grocery store.

Many Northside residents were aware of Cincinnati Union Cooperative Initiative’s work in building employee-owned businesses and asked for help.  Knowing that food cooperatives succeed in markets other independent grocers have ceded, CUCI conducted a feasibility study. Seeing an opportunity to leverage the community’s enthusiasm to support a worker and community owned grocery store, and the economic diversity of our neighborhoods, CUCI agreed to help.


Their Vision

Our vision is to combine the best features of a value-oriented grocer, our Northside farmers market, and a modern consumer food cooperative offering everything available at a large grocer.  This will be a place where everyone feels welcome, owner and non-owner alike. The success of this business will be driven by the ideas and input of ALL customers and workers.

We believe access to healthy food is a human right and our communities’ self-reliance in providing for our food needs is essential; and that a company should provide not just jobs but career paths that offer family-sustaining wages, good benefits, while also providing life-fulfilling work.

We want to be an integral part of the community.  


Community Owner

Ownership matters. When you become an owner you secure grocery access for you and your neighbors into the future. In addition to a grocery store that is responsive to your needs, you get selected discounts and rebates in profitable years, and you can even participate in the governance of the store. Currently, there are over 1,100 community owners and counting. Buy your share. Become a community today!