Mentor Volunteer Description



Business Mentor



Long-term commitment, minimum of 1 year commitment



Commitment to provide a supportive and empowering relationship with an entreprenuerial team or a  worker-owner in CUCI’s network in order to help them navigate business challenges.



• Empathy

• Cultural awareness and sensitivity to people of different educational, economic, cultural or racial backgrounds, awareness of economic, social, and psychological barriers that may be in place

• Advanced understanding of how to run a business

• Access to a network to connect entrepreneurs and worker-owners if the opportunity arises

• Ability to be respectful and open-minded



• Make a minimum 1 year commitment to developing and maintaining a mentor relationship with an entrepreneur or worker-owner

• Attend mentor orientation and training session before meeting mentee

• Create a schedule to meet with the mentee upon first meeting

• Attend at least one quarterly mentor session with CUCI and MORTAR a year.

• Assist mentee in learning business skills, help them identify and navigate barriers                     

• Communicate with Christ Church Cathedral, CUCI, and MORTAR teams when appropriate