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Reimagining community: An invitation from John McKnight & Peter Block with Margery Spinney

Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 1 pm Eastern

for a free half-hour conversation with Margery Spinney, creator of the renter equity concept.

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We will start by asking Margery about how her work as a social innovator in housing came about and what impact the renter equity concept has had in the communities where she and her organization have applied it.

Then we'll explore ways that Margery's experience might apply to your own work.

We'll finish up the call by asking you to share your questions and insights.

Margery Spinney

Margery Spinney has inspired hundreds of housing residents to participate and achieve success using community-based management principles and practices she designed.  

Margery developed the nonprofit Cornerstone Corporation for Shared Equity where she created the concept of renter equity. At Cornerstone, she managed its Loan Fund capitalized by socially conscious investors and introduced property management and housing development innovations to the organization's functions.

She also co-founded Renting Partnerships in order to stimulate, standardize and support expansion of these practices. Today, Renting Partnerships addresses both the cycle of poverty and wealth inequality by acquiring housing, keeping it in common ownership, and empowering residents to build wealth through participation in management.  

Read about the success of the renter equity approach documented by the independent evaluation of Cornerstone Renter Equity here.   

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