Gem City Market Wins Huge Grant from Caresource

The Gem City Market project in Dayton got a huge boost in September when locally headquartered HMO CareSource made a $220,000 grant to support the development of the store.   “We are thrilled and honored by this extraordinary vote of confidence from the CareSource Foundation,” said Amaha Sellassie, the Gem City Market’s Board President. “We share the organization’s broad vision of community health that includes food access and economic empowerment. Their long-term support for the Dayton community speaks for itself, and we are so grateful for their partnership.”  Nozipo Glenn, a market member-owner and resident near where the market will be built, said it will benefit her and change her neighborhood to have a grocery store.  “Now that I’m older, disabled, and don’t drive anymore I have to catch two — and sometimes three — buses to get to a store where I can buy what I call ‘real food,’ which is fresh vegetables, fruit. It will make a great difference to me,” said Glenn.  “The CareSource Foundation invests in innovative solutions to social issues. Hunger continues to be at the top of the list,” said Cathy Ponitz, vice president of the CareSource Foundation.

An interview in Dayton Daily News interviewing GDUCI's Lela Klein was published in Mondragon's monthly newsletter!