Concerned Capital & OEOC Visit CUCI About Cooperative Succession Planning

At a time when baby boomers, owners of 2/3 of US small businesses, are retiring at increasing rates, Cincinnati Union Coop Initiative (CUCI) has begun offering support to business owners (particularly in the manufacturing sector) interested in exploring the option of employee ownership as a succession strategy. As part of this effort, CUCI sponsored a series of presentations with community and city leaders in Cincinnati and Dayton featuring Tomas Duran and Chris Cooper.

Tomas is President of Concerned Capital in Los Angeles
.  Concerned Capital has developed an effective approach for succession planning in small manufacturing businesses, with a goal of maintaining jobs and building opportunity in blue collar communities. He has been successful working with the City of Los Angeles and LA County in this critical layoff aversion work. He has been able to access various funding sources to facilitate the transition to worker ownership and preservation of jobs.

Chris Cooper of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center played a pivotal role, helping us envision what’s possible in Southwest Ohio.  
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