Our Harvest Speaks at Hunger Dialogues

Kristin Gangwer, CEO, spoke at the 2nd Annual Hunger Dialogues at Xavier University. Also, during the last month, Our Harvest launched 2 new Harvest Day food access sites in Evanston and South Cumminsville and maintained 1 more in Northern Kentucky. 

As Our Harvest faces the winter season, two key factors in our growth are in short supply: daylight and money. Stored root crops and our high tunnels help us supply a limited amount of vegetables, even during this time when warmth and daylight are reduced. To bridge our way until we reach full production levels again in June, we are asking our community to support us in one of the following ways:

  1. Purchase a gift certificate for a loved one ($25-$200 increments) 
  2. Support our regenerative agricultural practices, which help sequester carbon ($500+) 
  3. Pre-purchase a Weekly Harvest Box for 6 months ($300). And increase your purchase of add-ons! Delicious local meats, cheeses, honey, salsa, marinara sauce, etc. 
  4. Sponsor a Harvest Day site and help bring healthy food to food deserts this winter ($500)