CUCI Update – October 2018

Pictured: First week of Co-op U with special guest Sarah van Gelder!

Pictured: First week of Co-op U with special guest Sarah van Gelder!

This has been a whirlwind few months for CUCI. But there is a lot to celebrate!

  • We feel honored to be in the final round of several national grants related to our childcare co-op organizing  – Communities Thrive Challenge & the Worker's Lab

  • We completed a report for the Preschool Promise on how to raise wages in the childcare sector in Cincinnati.

  • We partnered with New Prospect Baptist Church on our first Fall Forum to engage the Cincinnati community around cooperative work locally, with special guest speaker Sarah van Gelder.

  • Flequer Vera, co-founder of CUCI and Sustainergy Co-op was elected to the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives board.

  • We partnered with MORTAR and were selected as one of 6 pilot cities to bring a localized version of Transform Finance's flagship training institute that will "will catalyze discussions and actions around how capital flows for communities, prioritizing the amplification of social justice leaders’ voices and expertise." Coming in February of 2019!

  • Several CUCI staff also attended the Working World's peer loan fund retreat and are processing our first loans to our co-ops.

  • We have just begun our 2nd round of our co-op incubator, Co-op U.

  • Later this month you will have an opportunity to become a partner in this work with us by becoming a Sustaining Partner or signing up for payroll deductionswith select workplaces through Community Shares giving! And we really hope to see the local folks at our Annual Creating an Economy that Works for all Celebration on Nov 29th!