Approval of Worker-Owner Loans Through New Peer Network

CUCI’s loan committee, which manages CUCI’s loan fund, recently approved three loan projects for three Our Harvest Co-op (OHC) worker-owners to buy their cooperative membership shares. These loans will allow OHC to receive the membership share buy-in amount upfront improving the cooperative's cash flow.

Screenshot 2018-11-08 15.46.00.png

CUCI is a member of The Working World’s National Peer Network and Financial Cooperative which brings together place-based organizations from around the country to build a national infrastructure of cooperative lending and non-extractive finance. CUCI is leading the way in worker-owner buy-in loans, the recently approved loans are the first of its kind to be given out from one of the National Peer Network.

Pictured: Olivia Nava and Alex Otto, two of the newest workers to be voted in as worker-owners on the farm team.