What We've Done & Where We're Going


What We’ve Done

  • Completed two rounds of Co-op U, a 12-week training that takes teams through the steps to validate their idea and launch a co-op business. 

  • Hired a new team member to explore how to raise wages in the childcare sector through childcare and shared service co-ops.  

Where We’re Going

  • Co-op U: hold 2-3 sessions focusing on our immigrant communities and our first online course.  

  • CareShare & Shared Services: launch matchmaking platform with TechSolidarity and a Phase II Prototype. Launch 2-3 products for existing child care business owners. 

  • Conversions/Manufacturing: conduct succession planning landscape assessment for Greater Cincinnati.  


What We’ve Done

  • Helped secure Apple Street Market financing, unlocking over $4 million for  construction to begin in early 2019.

  • Attracted national grant spotlights on our child care work & partnered with a tech group in Silicon Valley to create the beginning of a childcare matching platform.

  • Formed a Working World local peer network loan fund, raised over $50K, and disbursed our first loans to two co-ops in our network. 

Where We’re Going

  • Local Loan Fund: continue building the infrastructure, including increasing funding for our local loan officer position. 

  • CUCI Internal Infrastructure: strengthen our ability to create and support union worker co-ops by continuing to build and diversify CUCI’s funding sources and systems.

  • 1Worker1Vote National Infrastructure and Symposium: bring together 250+ people from across the country and  world, and formalize the governance structure of the national network. 


What We’ve Done

  • Sold over 150 Worker-Owner Workbooks, our union co-op culture development and financial literacy book.

  • Helped to develop and move forward the 1worker1vote.org Community College Curriculum to make the co-op development process more available to people across the country.

Where We’re Going

  • Technical Assistance: *NEW* Individualized fee-based TA utilizes CUCI’s direct experience and original co-op development curriculum to help communities across the country jump start their own union co-op networks.  

  • Interco-op Culture Building: As CUCI’s cooperative network builds, we are focusing on strengthening relationships and inter-cooperation among our co-ops.