Our Harvest Update!


Our Harvest's Weekly Harvest Box program is a convenient way to bring fresh, local food to you, your family, and your gatherings! And you can support a worker and community owned co-op at the same time!

This is a perfect time of year to sign up for Our Harvest’s Weekly Harvest Box program. The weather is warm and our local farms  in and around Cincinnati are growing bounties of fresh, crisp and delicious produce! Taste the difference in your summer salad when you know the local farm it came from and how your tomatoes were grown.

We have many convenient weekly pick-up locations for you to choose from around Greater Cincinnati when you sign up for your Weekly Harvest Box. We offer a small, medium, and large box size to meet the needs of everyone from individuals to large families, those hosting the summer gatherings, and everyone in between. Sign up here to start receiving fresh, local produce in June! Take a look at our farms to learn about the wonderful people and places your produce will come from!

Harvest Box Sizes

Small: $12/week (4 items)
Medium: $20/week (8 items)

Large: $28/week (12 items)

We also offer other locally made food products, ranging from eggs to honey and beef to cheese.

More Perks with Our Harvest:

  • Our user-friendly website allows you to make changes to your order and put your box on hold when you go out of town!
  • Weekly add-ons to tailor your box to your liking
  • Weekly payment options are available

A full list of pick-up locations is available on our website.

We hope you'll join us today and enjoy some delicious, local food!

Questions? Contact us at HarvestBox@ourharvest.coop.

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