Sustainergy Cooperative Welcomes a New Member to the Team

Sustainergy is proud to welcome our newest member to both the team and the path to worker ownership!

Hailing all the way from Honduras, Yovany Gonzales will be bringing his years of expertise and hardworking spirit to our fight to make the area's homes more comfortable while also lowering energy bills, one home at a time.

The biggest impact in insulation is easily injection foam. Most people don't realize their walls are hurting their homes. A whopping 35% of energy is lost through your walls! Our expert technicians can fix this and save you $500+ annually! 

We've been providing injection foam for walls for a little while now, and the results are in! People are blown away by how effective our injection foam is. The foam completely fills your walls, with zero settling. It fills places other insulation products can’t—spaces behind electrical and phone wires, pipes, electrical outlets, and other areas—for maximum efficiency.

All the work can be done from the outside in many homes! Click the link below to set up a free assessment to see if injection foam is right for you.

Sustainergy has a solution for every part of your home, for every season.