What Our Harvest Means.

Building a co-op is tough work, it requires grit, heart, and community. Check out Worker Owner and Assistant Farm Manager Ben Nava’s beautiful reflections.

“This week marks my second year anniversary at Our Harvest! 2017 feels like a lifetime ago for many reasons but for me these two years have humbled me in ways I could not have anticipated. I came to Our Harvest with what I thought was sufficient farming experience to prepare me for anything. Working alongside my coworkers I quickly realized there was something bigger at stake to what we were working towards than just farming. Yes, our goal was to run a successful operation but being part of a Co-op meant we were working towards a better future. Creating a model that not only honors its labor force but also has an unwavering promise to provide food access and not to compromise the Earth in the process is an endeavor that has no clear answer. What is clear however, is the amount of heart and grit needed to tackle such a task. These two years I find myself fortunate to work alongside the community surrounding Our Harvest that have that heart and grit. Here’s to another two years and beyond!

To learn more about Our Harvest and/or to receive nourishing produce and other local farm fresh food, go to ourharvest.coop