CareShare Hires Startup CEO

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After 2 years worth of studying the feasibility of starting a child care co-op, including customer interviews and a pilot for in depth market testing, and securing its initial start up capital through CUCI’s loan fund, CareShare is excited to announce that they have hired their startup CEO, Susan Stai, to lead the project from concept to fruition. Founding member and CUCI Child Care Project Manager describes Susan saying, “There could be no better person for this job. Susan’s 30+ years of experience doing everything from teaching in child care classrooms, to directing more than 10 individual site and multi-site child care programs, and having a Masters in Early Childhood is more than we could have hoped for! She is going to be an amazing asset as we build a strong foundation for a child care business that provides high quality, culturally competent care for our little ones and family sustaining jobs for caregivers. Click here for an in-depth bio on Susan, and parents look for really good things to come from CareShare in the next few months!