Join us for the 4th Biennial Symposium - Liberating Our Future Together: Building the Cooperative Ecosystem

On November 15-16, CUCI and 1worker1vote will be holding Liberating Our Future Together: Building the Cooperative Ecosystem, a 2-day Symposium that  will bring together more than 200 workers, union and community organizers, and business and religious leaders to learn from one another and from the decades-old, economically thriving Mondragon system (the largest group of industrial worker-owned cooperatives). The Symposium offers a look at what's happening on the ground to establish integrated networks of worker-owned, unionized businesses. It exposes people to proven innovative models to reduce inequality, poverty, and gentrification. Participants will discuss best practices, union co-op management, financing, training, the power of the union co-op model, and how to build an economy that works for all. If you are a social entrepreneur, labor organizer, co-op worker, community development practitioner, co-op developer, or someone looking for alternative economic models that are more just and equitable- Join Us Nov 15-and 16th in Cincinnati! We especially encourage groups to come. We are so much more powerful when we are part of a team! Buy your tickets here!