Worker-Owner Workbook


Initially unveiled at the 3rd Union Co-op Symposium, CUCI is excited to announce the completion and release of the Worker-Owner Workbook. After 5 years of development, this workbook was designed to help union co-op teams develop their worker-ownership culture. The workbook contains the essentials of the co-op movement, labor movement, and the Mondragon cooperative network of Spain. It teaches the nuts and bolts of business financials, conflict management and team building skills. 

This workbook is great for individuals and groups who want to learn more about the union co-op movement, workers of a cooperative and institutions interested in learning and teaching about union co-ops. We have made it available in color, black and white, spiral bound and perfect bound. Click the link for your preferred copy!

  1. Full Color, Spiral Bound, Premium Paper – $45
    *Note: full color, spiral bound copies are significantly more expensive to print due to paper type and ink, which is reflected in the higher price.

  2. Full Color, Perfect Bound – $17.46

  3. Black & White, Spiral Bound, Premium Paper (color cover) – $15.95

  4. Black & White, Perfect Bound (color cover) – $10.95

  5. e-Book – $5.95

Bulk discount available starting at 15 copies. Here is the breakdown:  

  • 3% off 15 to 29

  • 8% off 30 to 59

  • 10% off 60 to 119

  • 13% off 120 to 299

  • 15% off 300 to 599

  • 18% off 600 to 1199

  • 20% off 1,200 +