Spring is here and we are deep in the process of cultivating immigrant, child care, and grocery co-ops to help our community thrive.

“Here at Sustainergy, we work together. Flequer, Lindsey, and the rest of the team. They understand if you’re sick and need to stay home for a day. I finally feel secure, because I know my team supports me.” Read more…

We couldn’t do this work without you. Becoming a CUCI sustaining partner and help us create these same opportunities for child care providers and grocery workers in 2019!


Our Mission

Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative (CUCI) is a non-profit that partners with individuals and organizations to create worker-owned businesses that sustain families. CUCI emerged from the historic partnership between Mondragon, the world’s most successful network of worker-cooperatives, and the United Steelworkers in October of 2009.


Creating Jobs

Here in Cincinnati, like so many other parts of this country, the need to create jobs is paramount. Families and neighborhoods across our region are struggling with high rates of long-term unemployment. For these individuals, solutions offered by public and private sectors are scarce and inadequate. These workers and the families and communities they support need and deserve not just a job, but a career path that provides a family sustaining wage, benefits, essential training, and effectively diminishes barriers to long-term employment. Learn about the recent initiatives that CUCI has been working on in the community!


Gearing Up the Job Market

If we were to create an economy that worked for everyone — an economy that creates good, sustainable jobs and is accountable to the communities that drive it — what would this economy look like?

CUCI believes the answer lies in the success of the Mondragon cooperatives in Spain. The Mondragon business model is the foundation for our effort to create competitive enterprises, foster social and economic justice, and empower worker dignity by creating jobs in businesses accountable to both their workers and the communities where they operate.

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