CareShare ready to start serving families!!

CareShare ready to start serving families!!

The month of June was a busy month for CareShare as startup CEO, Susan Stai hit the ground running preparing all marketing, web and communications systems for launch. With the help of TechSolidarity, a volunteer tech non-profit out of silicon valley, the initial web landing page went live July 3, 2019, just in time for the CareShare team to kick off their marketing and recruitment campaign at the Northside 4th of July Parade (pictured above). It was hot, but the crew had a ton of fun passing out flyers to new and soon to be parents. 

Join us for the 4th Biennial Symposium - Liberating Our Future Together: Building the Cooperative Ecosystem

On November 15-16, CUCI and 1worker1vote will be holding Liberating Our Future Together: Building the Cooperative Ecosystem, a 2-day Symposium that  will bring together more than 200 workers, union and community organizers, and business and religious leaders to learn from one another and from the decades-old, economically thriving Mondragon system (the largest group of industrial worker-owned cooperatives). The Symposium offers a look at what's happening on the ground to establish integrated networks of worker-owned, unionized businesses. It exposes people to proven innovative models to reduce inequality, poverty, and gentrification. Participants will discuss best practices, union co-op management, financing, training, the power of the union co-op model, and how to build an economy that works for all. If you are a social entrepreneur, labor organizer, co-op worker, community development practitioner, co-op developer, or someone looking for alternative economic models that are more just and equitable- Join Us Nov 15-and 16th in Cincinnati! We especially encourage groups to come. We are so much more powerful when we are part of a team! Buy your tickets here!

Renting Partnerships Conditionally Recommended to Receive City NOFA Funds for First Dividend Housing project.

Renting Partnerships Conditionally Recommended to Receive City NOFA Funds for First Dividend Housing project.

Renting Partnerships is well on their way to raising funds to acquire and redevelop four units in Cincinnati’s Avondale neighborhood. Hear more about the City’s conditional recommendation of $124,000 in our first Dividend Housing project and hear what inspired our first social impact investor to make an investment.

Summer Intern's Bio

Arianna Semilia is a rising senior, Economics and International Business double major with a minor in Political Science from Xavier University. She is from Palermo, Italy and decided to move to Cincinnati to pursue better opportunities.

Our Harvest begins its 8th year

Our Harvest launches into their 8th season with several new workplace pick-up locations, some fresh new marketing materials, & a new marketing and sales consultant. Spirits are high on the farm side of the operation because this is the first season that they have been completely caught up with their planting, weeding and harvesting. Read more about Our Harvest...

Apple Street Community Owners are Stepping up and helping bring their co-op to fruition.

Despite the financial setbacks of the past months, the ASM community owners didn’t give up and started a community owner loan drive in April. We also have some exciting fundraising news coming soon. Some community owners stepped up to contribute and you can do the same. CUCI is also accepting tax deductible donations for those who are interested. The market is showing significant progress to allow the project to move forward and this is a great opportunity to help those neighborhoods control their destinies. Read more...

CareShare Hires Startup CEO

After 2 years of studying the feasibility of the project, CareShare is excited to announce that they have hired their startup CEO, Susan Stai. Read more about Susan...

Cincinnati Cleaning Co-op Gears up for Election of Board Officers as it Prepares to Open

The Cincinnati Cleaning Co-op is preparing to open late this summer. On the job training has begun and as incorporation gets closer, the co-op members have volunteered for positions on the board of directors. Read more...

Sustainergy workers present their Kaizen projects

Sustainergy workers present their Kaizen projects

Kaizen is a Japanese methodology of continuous incremental improvements. With the support of their CUCI mentor, Sustainergy workers have been trained in the art of identifying improvement opportunities, suggesting solutions, implementing them and making them sustainable. An essential component of worker-ownership is being able to propose solutions and see them through. Sustainergy definitely lives up to that standard. Read more about the four projects that were presented this month....

What Our Harvest Means.

What Our Harvest Means.

Building a co-op is tough work, it requires grit, heart, and community. Check out Worker Owner and Assistant Farm Manager Ben Nava’s beautiful reflections.

Why is Bartolo excited to be a Co-Founder of the Cincinnati Cleaning Co-op?

What do you like about the cooperative project? I'm very excited because we're going to be the owners of our work. In a cooperative, things are different from how other companies do business, where they fire you because you are sick or have a complication and cannot come to work one day. Click to read his full interview!

Last Call to Apply for Co-op U (starting April 16th!!)


Do you have a co-op business idea and a team that is ready to put this business idea into action, but don’t know where to start? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in CUCI’s next 12 week co-op development course starting Tuesday, April 16. Applications due this Friday, April 5th. Apply today!

On a fun side note supporting this work, on March 23, CUCI in partnership with Refugee Connect and Cincinnati Compass hosted a 2 hour Co-op Ideation session with over 10 participants to help launch co-ops in the immigrant community. Top ideas included catering, construction, child care, landscaping, and immigrant business services co-ops. We hope to do more fundraising in the near future to support a special co-ops session focused on these communities.

Join us in Cultivating Immigrant, Child Care and Grocery Co-ops!


Spring has arrived and here at CUCI, we are deep in the process of cultivating immigrant, child care, and grocery co-ops to help our community thrive. And a bunch of our co-ops are hiring and growing!! Existing co-ops Sustainergy and Our Harvest are looking for a driver/installer and a food team member, startup child care co-op CareShare secured an initial seed capital loan and is ready to hire its start up CEO, and Apple Street Market hired a dynamic duo to lead up its Capital Campaign. We also had an exciting visit from the Open Society Foundation and are humbled and grateful for the national and international attention our work has been receiving.

April kicks off our annual Sustaining Partner drive to help make our work more sustainable, so we are asking all of our supporters to please consider becoming a monthly donor. We couldn’t do the hard work of walking hand in hand with our most disenfranchised communities to create co-ops without you!

Please consider joining TODAY to help create family sustaining jobs, enable parents and their children to access affordable, culturally competent child care; and create access to healthy, affordable food in 2019.

Our Harvest - Cultivating Sense of Community, Awareness of Challenges to Overcome

Our Harvest - Cultivating Sense of Community, Awareness of Challenges to Overcome

Worker-Owner Olivia Nava is featured in a brief video about notable women of Cincinnati. Check out Olivia as she beautifully tells about her work, the farm, and her experience and passion for farming. Then check out Worker-Owner Stephen Dienger’s powerful analysis of the challenges with farming in a way that honors land and labor.

New-Immigrant Cleaning Co-op Chooses a Name.

The cleaning cooperative project led by new immigrants has a name, we bet you can’t guess what it is… Cincinnati Cleaning Co-op. Are you as excited as we are about this project launching at this end of THIS spring? Show your support by subscribing to their waiting list & get notified first when they launch!