Your Role In Our Future

It is the generosity of donors that helps to secure the future of CUCI. There is a way to be a part of securing the future and mission of CUCI well beyond your lifetime by naming us in your will.  Our mission is foundational and generational and therefore we are delighted to receive long-term, planned gifts.

You can play an important role in achieving this goal through a gift from your estate. It is a perfect way to be remembered, or to remember a loved one, while making a significant contribution to the lives of future generations that will live in our community.

By including CUCI in your estate plans you can make a more significant gift to than you ever thought possible, while maximizing the financial and tax benefits to you, your estate, and your family. A Planned Gift is one of the most effective ways to ensure that CUCI can carry on our mission. Several opportunities exist that could help you give more than you thought possible, while still achieving your personal financial goals. Some options include:


A bequest is a gift that is included in your will; it is a revocable arrangement that can be changed by you at any time. A bequest can be a specific monetary amount, a percentage of your estate, a specific piece of property, or a percentage of the “residue of your estate.” It is possible to add CUCI to an existing will through an amendment called a codicil. Doing so means your entire will does not have to be redrafted.

Estate Notes

This differs from a bequest in that it is given as an irrevocable promise to pay assets from the estate. It also does not require a change in the will.

TOD (Transfer on Death)

TOD is a formal, but revocable, means of transferring assets so they are not included in an estate (not taxed). Typically, ongoing assets are owned by the donor but deposited in a financial institution, which provides the TOD form.

Tangible Personal Property

Gifts of tangible, personal property, such as jewelry, coins, works of art, antiques, automobiles, and other items may be donated to CUCI. You are responsible for setting an appraised value on the gift; any gift over $5,000 must be independently appraised.

Retirement Assets

Tax-favored retirement plans, such as an IRA, have become increasingly popular. As an alternative to designating a relative for all or part of the residual, naming us as a beneficiary may save income taxes. Also, certain lifetime gifts from an IRA of up to $100,000 given to a qualified charity  may enable you to avoid income tax.

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance that you currently own but no longer need is a great way to help and leave a legacy for our future.

Appreciated Securities and Real Estate

Transferring highly appreciated property directly to CUCI will save capital gains tax and also let the full value be credited to charitable giving deductions.

Please contact Ellen Vera at for more information or if you have any questions about any of the options listed.  You will receive a letter from our development department for your taxes for the amount of the item/s donated.

Thank you for your generosity and support!


Cincinnati Union Co-Op Initiative is a registered 501c3 organization.   

All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  

Please check with your tax advisor.


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