We celebrate CUCI's second co-op!

Vision: Sustainergy Cooperative strives to create a humane replicable union worker-owned business network.  Using highly skilled workers and environmentally friendly products, Sustainergy provides customers with the best service possible to make their homes comfortable, cut their energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions. Its goal is to create and sustain 1000 jobs in the next 10 years through satellite offices, acquisitions, and a franchise model.

Progress: Since 2014, Sustainergy has been retrofitting buildings and marketing their unique strategy to improve energy efficiencies. Sustainergy is profitable and continuing to hire and work with groups in other cities to replicate the model. They are also looking into expanding their services to include solar retrofits and other green energy efficiencies.

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Their Services 


Energy Assessments

Sustainergy offers homeowners a FREE energy assessment. Their technicians will use infrared cameras and blower door units to find the energy leaks in your home.  This process will create a path to improve your indoor comfort and will cut your energy bill. 



They provide low cost, high impact home upgrades engineered to save homeowners more in heating and cooling expense than the upgrades cost. Types of installation include brown cellulose, spray foam, air sealing, dense packing, and radiant barriers. Sustainergy uses as environmentally-friendly insulation as much as they can. 


innovative Financing

They offer innovative financing when needed.  And they follow up in the months after each job is completed to make certain homeowners come out ahead and enjoy the savings and improved comfort originally promised.  Sustainergy Cooperative takes the risk out of home improvements that conserve energy and save homeowners money.