Our Harvest Celebrates it's 5th Year Anniversary!

Our Harvest will celebrate its 5th year anniversary this week! An exciting moment. Our Harvest has spent the late Fall and Winter deeply reviewing and reflecting on what has been working, what hasn't been working, and how to move forward to be as strong, relevant, and sustainable as possible into the future. So stay tuned for more details and learnings to emerge! Check out some awesome updates and pictures on their website and facebook page.

In the meantime, if you are interested in bringing fresh, healthy, local produce to your faith community or group, learn about our Harvest Day program. 

Personally interested in receiving some delicious, tasty veggies, local meat, cheese, eggs, honey, sign up for the Weekly Harvest Box program which features tons of flexibility.

    Join the Weekly Harvest Box Program

    Pictured: Co-Farm Manager, Steve Dienger watering the abundant plant starts. (By Olivia Nava M.) More pictures here!