Nominations for 3 Community Owner Board seats are open!

Over a hundred neighbors attended Apple Street Market’s Community Owners Meeting on August 15th. In addition to reporting on how financing is lining up and our timeline for bidding and construction, an amendment to our Article of Incorporation was approved, allowing us to increase the number of owners investing in the store, kicking off a new community owner drive.   An amendment to our by laws was also approved that expands the size of Apple Street Market’s board.  

Consequently, nominations for three community owner seats are open, to close after 11:59 PM, September 15th.  If you are a community owner you can send us an email at or leave us a voice message at 513.818.2328 saying:

  • Hello! This is Community Owner [your full name]. I’d like to nominate Community Owner [nominee’s full name] for the board of directors. You can reach them at [nominee’s email or phone number]. You can reach me at [your email or phone number] if you have any questions about my nomination.

Details on board director responsibilities.

A volunteer will contact the nominee to ask if they accept the nomination, then we’ll let you know if they do or do not confirm.