Our Harvest Connects More Deeply with Local Neighborhoods, Working to Open More Pick-up Sites

This month Our Harvest focused on getting more connected with our local food community. They attended two WIC farmers’ markets at the MidPointe Tower in Roselawn, the Forest Park Community Day, and the Day of Hope at Wayne Field in South Cumminsville. They continue to work to increase participation in our Weekly Harvest Box Program. They started a new Weekly Harvest Box pick-up at Aiken High School and opened up new Weekly Harvest Box pick-ups for sign-ups in Forest Park and Roselawn. They are still working to enroll enough members to start making deliveries to those sites and are looking for more new pick-up sites for 20+ ppl (like worksites)--click here if you are interested. Lastly, they dove into their newly launched Community-Owner share drive. Become a community Owner today!