Soft Launch of Newest Co-op Planned for August

Excitement surrounds the group of 10  new co-op workers of the Cincinnati Cleaning Co-op as they prepare for the last leg of their journey to family-sustaining employment.  They've completed every detail of the plan to begin their own cleaning co-op. After 8 months of weekly training sessions – especially tailored to them – they are optimistic and well prepared to begin.  Paperwork is complete, board members are in place, transportation and scheduling are nearly ready!  

Tomasa, one of the workers, views cleaning as “blessing the house” and described how she prays for those who live in the home as she cleans it.  As a client of this co-op, you can expect a team of two conscientious workers, using ecological safe cleaning products, to clean your home without skimping on attention.      Visit our co-op landing site and become a client today!