Apple Street Community Owners are Stepping up and helping bring their co-op to fruition.


As we have been reporting the past several months, despite some hard financial setbacks for the project in January, ASM community owners decided that they were not going to let banks or federal tax reform control their destiny as a community and kicked off a community owner loan drive in April. To date, the campaign has made about 700 calls, left about 600 messages, and raised about $135,000. We also have some really exciting fundraising news in the pipeline that we can’t share just yet, but will be coming soon. Click here to see an inspiring story of one of the first community owners who stepped up to contribute. If you are a community owner and want to do your part to help bring this co-op to fruition you can contact Susan Miller-Stigler at or (513) 206-9976. If you are not a community owner yet and would like to become one click here. Shares are only $100 a piece and some people are contributing equity upwards of $500+ (though of course any amount makes a difference). CUCI is also accepting tax deductible donations on Apple Street Market’s behalf for those of you who are interested in contributing . The market has to show significant progress by the end of this month to secure the store site and keep the project moving forward. So don’t waste any what you can NOW to help these neighborhoods control their destinies and no longer be considered food deserts!  Every little bit helps!!!